Season 17: January - April 2022

Here we are again!  We’re asking for your votes on what to screen in our January to April 2022 season. As we take a break at the start of January it will be a 7 film season, but we only need to choose 6 films, why? Well, one of last season’s choices, Marie Curie biopic ‘Radioactive’ received a flurry of last minute votes after we’d finalised the season, so we’ll use that film to kick things off on January 18th 2022.

Here are some films we think you’d enjoy. There's a trailer reel of all 9 choices, so settle down, watch the trailers, make a few notes, then complete the online survey below by ticking the boxes of your 6 favourites.

Please submit your votes by 23rd November, thanks.

Your choices are, Promising Young Woman, Nowhere Special, Wildland, Greed, Crazy Stupid Love, Riders of Justice, The Surrogate, Beginners, and The Public.

Below here you can access the trailer reel and the survey.

Now just submit your votes through the online survey below.

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