Virtual Film Club!

Every week we'll be recommending a film you can view for free on the catch up services iPlayer or All 4.   Films will be announced here, via e-mail and on our facebook page, every Saturday morning.

This week's choice is a black and white choice from 1942, you'll be feline spooked with Cat People on iPlayer!

Cat People

1942 / USA / 70mins / Cert PG

This week’s Virtual Cinema choice is a lesson in cinema history, specifically of the horror/thriller genre, with a classic cult B feature that Martin Scorsese said “was as important as Citizen Kane in the development of more mature American cinema”.

Cat People is the mysterious tale of Oliver who marries Serbian immigrant Irena. Irena is convinced of a folk tale from her home village that warns if she is intimate with Oliver she will become a dangerous big cat. The marriage becomes strained and so Oliver responds to the attentions of Alice, a colleague of his. Aware of this new relationship, Irena’s jealously begins to manifest itself in ways that suggest the folk tale may be true…

Being almost 80 years old Cat People does feel dated yes, but it makes very clever use of the shoestring budget on which it was shot, relying on the power of suggestion to build tension and suspense. One key sequence – where the tension is built and the payoff turns out to be something quite innocent – has become known as a ‘cat scare’ because it has its origins in Cat People. At a little over an hour long this fascinating film is worth the time of anyone interested in the origins of classic cinema tropes. 

"“It’s psychological horror at its finest: timelessly terrifying and absolutely purr-fect.” Total Film." Total Film

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