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Watching a Movie

About Us


Isn't Oswestry Film Society the same as Kinokulture?

Well, no!  Kinokulture is Oswestry's award winning community cinema who show a wide range of films throughout the year.  Oswestry Film Society is a small group of film enthusiasts who put together a regular series of films that we then screen at Kinokulture on the first and third Tuesday of each month.

For information on our current season click here.

We are  a non-profit organisation run by volunteers in partnership with Kinokulture.  Our income goes into booking films and venue overheads.  


We started in October 2015 and have screened...oooh...loads of great films. 

We encourage anyone to come along and watch the films we screen. You'll often find you enjoy films you wouldn't usually give time to, and there's a great feeling of community at the society, so come along and try us.

We are run separately from Kinokulture, so if you have any queries about us, our films, tickets, anything, contact us, not them!

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