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Oswestry Film Society show their films at the Hermon Arts Centre. 

The Hermon is situated on Chapel Street, Oswestry, close to the Bailey Head market area, and the main market car park with its entrance off the same Chapel Street just a few steps away from our venue.   
Postcode for a Satnav is SY11 1LF

Doors open at 7pm and the films start at 7.30pm, often after a fascinating introduction!
Refreshments are available at the cinema including local beers and ice creams, along with wine, spirits, tea and coffee, soft drinks and confectionery.

A huge thank you to our former hosts, the community cinema Kinokulture,  who sadly closed their doors in April 2024 as the proprietors Ian Garland and Ruth Carter retired. They provided a huge service, for which we thank them on behalf of all film enthusiasts in the Oswestry area. Kinokulture were also big supporters of the Oswestry Film Society, who will continue to fly the flag for live cinema screenings. We hope that a Kinokulture successor will eventually come to be. We leave their logo below as a reminder of all the good times there...  

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