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Oswestry Film Society show their films at Oswestry's award winning community cinema, Kinokulture

Kinokulture is situated on Arthur Street, Oswestry, opposite the library.  Parking is available at the main car park on Chapel Street (30 seconds walk away, less at a brisk pace!).  


Postcode for a Satnav is SY11 1JN.

Doors open at 7pm and the films start at 7.30pm, often after a fascinating introduction!


Refreshments are available at the cinema including local beers and ice creams, along with wine, tea and coffee, soft drinks and confectionery.

Find out more about Kinokulture by visiting their website (Click on their logo below, we went to the trouble of linking it, shame not to use it). They show a fantastic range of films and we are eternally grateful to them for letting us use their cinema.  Show your appreciation to them by visiting them and watching something else there, as well as one of our films.  A week is wasted without at least one visit!

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